Welcome to
The First Floor


The Kitchen


All the space you could want in a kitchen, the oversized island can seat 6 very comfortably and with built-in induction range, you can cook, entertain and have room for it all.  The wine fridge will keep your wine at the ready while you can cook up to three dishes at 3 different temperatures in the combo microwave oven.  The microwave, which comes with just about any feature you could want, also doubles as a convection oven.  The oven can also be split into two ovens, each supporting convection and its own temperature.  The temperature probe can cook anything to the perfect temperature and wifi can let you preheat on your way home. 

Floor to ceiling cabinets have plenty of room for your every cooking tool while the top row of display cabinets can show off items that are special to you and keep them lit with a spotlight in each cabinet. 


The Playroom

This additional space on the first floor has been a playroom for our kids, giving them a space off the main living space where they can be creative, play and have some autonomy.  That is not how it started....  It was originally an office, with ethernet, TV and great views of the backyard, either will serve your family well.